Connect with your vehicles

The Cornerstone of connecting your vehicles

The Trapeze Mobile Data Terminal (MDT) is the cornerstone of connecting your vehicles with the rest of your taxi operations. It is at the heart of delivering better taxi services, enabling your drivers to increase passenger satisfaction, and allowing your operation to be as efficient and profitable as possible. The MDT also provides data to transport authorities to help manage city or regional fleets.


Constant communications

High performance unit

The MDT is a high-performance, purpose-built unit for vehicles and is designed to operate reliably in harsh environments and extreme temperatures. The MDT stays connected to the base with secure and reliable communications so that the vehicle never loses any critical messages or data. Even when experiencing a network coverage blackspot, data collection will continue and be updated as soon as a connection is re-established.



​The vehicle MDT interfaces directly to the vehicle CANbus, seat sensors, and other equipment to collect vehicle telemetry data.

The MDT also ensures that the metered distance is always accurate, and passengers are always detected within the vehicle. Telemetry data is also used for monitoring driver behaviour behind the wheel.


Vehicle tracking

Superior vehicle location

​Vehicle location is always known with the use of the MDT GPS for all location services. TEAMS also provides full historical location searches for all tracking information for every vehicle in the fleet.


Metering and tariffs

Allows for different tariffs

​The MDT includes trip metering that allows for multiple tariffs for different charge rates – including night tariffs, peak tariffs, tolls, zone surcharges, vehicle types, and booking fees. The MDT also supports discount vouchers, charity donations, and ridesharing.


Security and safety

Added features

Emergency buttons are supported for both driver and passenger safety. Cameras can be used for security purposes, passenger detection, and driver behaviour monitoring. The MDT has speed detection that alerts the driver when they exceed the speed limit, and can also be integrated with local enforcement and infringement authorities. TEAMS also includes a ‘Suspension’ feature that prevents drivers from operating vehicles if they are currently suspended from use.


Vehicle maintenance

Smart tech

​The TEAMS Workshop interface allows technicians to manage vehicle meter equipment. It supports the vehicle service module that can record all vehicle service records and history, together with setting the next scheduled service appointment for the driver. The vehicle service appointment is integrated with the driver roster system. Drivers are notified of the scheduled service appointment each time they start a shift in the days leading up to the service date. If the vehicle fails to be serviced, the driver is prevented from using the vehicle after the due date.