You got your asset register, but does it tell you when there are compliance issues?

Published December 19, 2023 in Blog

Over time your asset configurations change. Assets are replaced with new makes and models, components become obsolete, upgrades and new additions are being made. Managing the changes and ensuring compliance with engineering requirements is vital not only from a operational point of view but may be outright safety critical.

Particularly with the increase in digitalization we’ve seen increased need to track hard- and software/firmware version requirements to ensure installations are compatible and fully operational. And requirements are not just limited to versions but may involve use of particular parts and/or installation of certain components in a particular position.

One example is for instance replacement of legacy train radio system; The new radio system may require installation of antennas in particular positions. The radio system may require a particular specifications of UPS and the soft- and firmware needs to be of certain versions.

This is normally managed well during initial installation, but over time the components will be replaced with new models and critical as well as non-critical software updates are released, so ensuring your configurations are up to date as required is becoming an increasingly complex as well as critical task.

Many legacy EAM and CMMS installations we’ve seen do not provide tools to ensure your asset configurations are up to spec. Instead, non-compliances have to be “known” or searched for by making queries and reports based on data in the asset register.

Trapeze EAM addresses this by offering our clients asset configuration management capability which provides them with the tools to create current state and planned future configuration models, detailing which engineering requirements need to be met.

Non-compliances can be viewed and easily converted into work orders or multi-asset campaigns.

The system can then provide dashboard type reports of non-compliances and categorize these according to severity. Safety critical non-compliances can also be displayed as part of asset data view screens and provide real time alerts to workshop supervisors when assets are in for maintenance. Combined with Trapeze Asset lifecycle management capabilities you can ensure that your assets and configurations are managed in a pro-active manner for compliance with engineering requirements and obsolescence plans.

If you want more information about how Trapeze asset and maintenance management solutions or demonstration and discussion on how Trapeze can help your organization, reach out to our regional head office based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia here.


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