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Multimodal operator management
Franchise and KPI management
Migrating ITS systems to the cloud

Zurich Transport Authority, Switzerland

ZVV uses Trapeze’s LIO Automatic Vehicle Location and Control (AVLC) system to manage six transport operators and more than 1,000 vehicles including buses, trams, and cable cars. Benefits for passengers include connection protection and multifunction on-board information displays.

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Transport for London, United Kingdom

Trapeze’s Automatic Vehicle Location and Control (AVLC) system enables TfL to operate the world‘s largest public intermodal transport control system, with 250 service controllers working for private operators managing 9,200 buses and 700 routes.

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Brighton & Hove, United Kingdom

Brighton & Hove worked with Trapeze to migrate their ITS system to the cloud. With 263 buses and 285 signs to migrate to the cloud, it was crucial to complete the process without impacting operations.

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