Electric Vehicle Solutions for Bus Fleet Management

Published March 22, 2022 in Brochure

Learn about Trapeze’s electric vehicle (EV) solutions.

EVs bring new operational challenges, including limited ranges and coordination of charging processes. Trapeze has developed a set of EV solutions to meet the new operational needs of public transport authorities and operators who are accelerating the introduction of EVs into their fleets.

Our EV fleet optimisation software monitors and manages EV operations, providing valuable insights that enable the industry to deliver more efficient and effective services – helping the transition towards zero-emission bus fleets.

Trapeze’s EV solutions are add-ons to the Trapeze LIO Intelligent Transport System – an integrated operations control system for public transport services.

In this brochure, you will learn about the following EV solutions:

    • LIO-Volta – for electric vehicle dispatch, monitoring, and control,
    • SmartCharging – to help manage charging infrastructure and processes, and
    • SmartMonitor – for real-time vehicle status monitoring.

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