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Introducing the Future of ITS Control Centres

Experience the future of ITS control centres with our groundbreaking web-based user interface (UI). This innovative solution seamlessly integrates all the robust features you rely on, providing a seamless and intuitive experience. Watch the video to see how our web-based UI empowers dispatchers with a familiar workflow, enhanced customisation options, and efficient data navigation.

Elevate your operations and productivity with our new web-based UI.

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Explore how Trapeze aligns with LTA's vision

We have identified three main journeys to focus on in the next 12 months as you work towards a zero emission fleet and improving transport for all.

Intelligent Data Router

20 minutes towns and 45 minutes cities

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Assisted Passenger Technology

Transport for all

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Electrification of The Fleet

Healthy lives and safer journeys

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Disruptors Breakfast

Learn how AI, combined with big data, unlocks valuable insights that optimize services and improve mobility.

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Transit Unplugged TV

Featuring Jeremy Yap and a tour of the inclusive features in the system, including tactile surfaces for the visually impaired, braille on signs, and over 1000 volunteers who help their fellow commuters navigate stations.

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ITS Ultimate Guide

Gain an overview of the ITS solutions available, their benefits, and an evaluation guide.

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Meet the Trapeze Team

lta singapore
Frank Hesse
Nitesh Kumar Jha
Edwin Foo
Brian Higbee
Hansueli Schreyer

Managing Director

Frank is the Managing Director of Trapeze Group ASEAN based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Frank is committed to support the advent of public transport in South East Asia and believes it will continue to support its continuous growth in a sustainable way, while providing better quality and more inclusive living in growing urban zones. Frank has 25 years of experience delivering and supporting vertical market software solutions, including 17 years in the ASEAN and the Asia Pacific regions and joined Trapeze Group ASEAN in 2020.



Chief Architect

Nitesh has been associated with Trapeze for the last 19 years and has delivered projects like iBus London, CFMS Singapore, and AVM Riyadh, among others. He has been leading innovation at Trapeze for the last 5 years, resulting in significant technological advancements in the product. This includes making the solution cloud-native and embracing AI/ML technologies.

Nitesh is passionate about technology and transformation. He believes that rather than being driven by the industry, he prefers to drive the industry. The vision he set five years ago is evident in all the new tenders.



Project Manager

Edwin has regional experience in target markets and sectors within APAC, and prior overseas academic stints. He has delivered innovative and complex projects in wireless communications, command, control and communications systems (C3), info-communications technology (ICT), intelligent transport solutions (ITS), and computerized asset maintenance and management systems (CMMS).



Project Director

Brian has over 25 years of experience in implementing AVLC and AVM solutions globally, including Transport for London. Brian’s expertise includes embedded mobile solutions, data and voice communications, real-time data processing, central control systems, database solutions, and systems integration.



Director ITS Pre-Sales

Business Analyst and System Architect with over 18 ​years of experience in fleet management systems ​including CFMS Singapore and iBus London.